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Where God is First, Our Neighbor Second, and I am Third!


Among the tribes of Africa, few have warriors traditionally more fearsome or more cunning than the Masai of Kenya. It is perhaps surprising, then, to learn the traditional greeting among Masai warriors. One warrior would always say to another, “Kasserian Ingera,” which, in Swahili, means, “Are the children well?”

It is still the traditional greeting among the Masai, acknowledging the high value of the Masai for the well-being of children. Even modern Masai with no children of their own always give the traditional answer, “All the children are well,” meaning, of course, that
  • peace and safety prevail
  • the priorities of protecting the young and powerless are in place
  • Masai society has not forgotten its reason for being and its responsibilities
“All the children are well” means that life is good. It means that the daily struggles of existence do not preclude proper care for the young. 

This story, I think, is moving, illustrating a society that values its children so highly that a reminder of them is part of every greeting. The story is also sobering – the fact that it’s surprising illustrates how very far our own culture is from valuing children in this way." 

Here at I’m Third Ministries, we greet you with Kasserian Ingera!  Our every effort is to ensure that “all the children are well”

How Much Is A Good Consultant Really Worth?

The famous advertising expert David Ogilvie was asked to provide an ad concept to a friend over dinner.  He wrote a few notes on his napkin and handed it to his friend. “That’s incredible! I love it!” his friend responded. “How much do I owe you for that?” Ogilvie responded, “$250”.  The client responded harshly, “How can you charge that? It only took you five minutes to come up with that!”  Ogilvie looked into the eyes of the man and responded, “No sir, it took me 25 years to come up with that.  It only took 5 minutes to give it to you.

I’m Third Ministries is the accumulative findings of almost 30 years of ministry.

Mission Statement

To Cultivation the Character of Local Students and Community Residents towards true Community

Our Motto

God is First, Our Neighbor is Second, and I am Third.
We're Putting the Neighbor back in the Hood!

Vision Statement

We can build communities by impacting local students and community residents through Character Cultivation (mentoring), Administration, and teaching the Consensus Organizing Model as a tool to be used to effect community improvements and connect previously disjointed groups to form positive partnerships.