Developing Resources

Sooner or later it comes down to money. Whether you have one persons give a million dollars or a million persons give one dollar. The dollar is instrumental in developing power. Power is the ability to change or act upon something. A lack of power is our dilemma. And developing resources is how we build power.

Charitable fundraising is an important source of financial support for many charities. The Internal Revenue Service encourages charities to adopt and monitor policies to ensure that fundraising solicitations meet federal and state law requirements and solicitation materials are accurate, truthful, and candid. Charities are encouraged to keep their fundraising costs reasonable and to provide information about fundraising costs and practices to donors and the public. Organizations that file Form 990 will find that Schedules G and M solicit information about fundraising activities, revenues and expenses.

What will it take to create a lasting legacy of sustainable funding?

A Self-Generating group of enthusiastic individual donors who know your work and mission and who consider it consistent with their own values and mission in life. They regard their contributions to your organization as a bold step toward the fulfillment of their own purpose.

Loyal donors who understand your work and freely choose to pledge their ongoing financial support by making unrestricted gifts to your operational needs.

Some of these donors also make major gifts for capital projects, capacity building campaigns, and endowment. They also advocate for and invest in the group with continuing education. Your donors become ambassadors. They host point of entry events. They do this because they are genuinely excited about the work of the organization and they want to tell others about it.

The ripple effect grows with time. People begin to approach you, asking how they can join your board or help you in other ways. What began as a mere fundraising program has become an ongoing operating system for engaging and developing relationships with individuals who will sustain your work and in turn, engage others to do the same.

Beyond bread and butter, these donors become your oxygen, breathing life and vitality into your organization. Regularly refreshing your board, your volunteers, your staff, and keeping your organization connected to the needs of the community. No longer the best kept secret in town, you are well on your way to fulfilling its mission with a strong cadre of supporters who are delighted and proud to be involved.