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Junior Achievement's unique delivery system provides the training, materials, and support necessary to bolster the chances for student success. The impact is measurable, too. Students who participate in Junior Achievement programs demonstrate a significant understanding of economics and business concepts. We invite you to take a closer look at our programs!

Junior Achievement USA - Programs


Upon completion of JA Company Program, high school students (grades 9–12) will be able to identify the key elements of organizing and operating a business and to consider creating their own start-up business.

JA Company Program Blended Model is available for implementation in school or after school, and may be completed in one semester or throughout an entire school year. Two implementation options are available: 13 two-hour meetings or 26 one-hour meetings focused on the Company Ops. Deeper Dives are optional activities or suggestions on how to extend the meeting topic. A volunteer is required to lead 13 Instructional Contact Hours; the teacher may deliver the remainder. Each student receives 26 Instructional Contact Hours.

We want to run this program in groups of 15 students per company.  We have the site, we need the students and the time of delivery. Our first thought is a Tuesday, Thursday evening offering.  Please see our youth survey.


Empowering Students To Be In Control Of Their Futures

Every child has a dream, a vision for what their future can be. Our mission is to provide students with opportunities to make those dreams a reality.  Students will have the rare opportunity to experience their personal financial futures first-hand. Here, middle and high school students participate in an immersive simulation that enables them to develop skills to successfully navigate today’s complex economic environment and discover how decisions today can impact tomorrow.

The JA Financial Freedom Project

JA is launching a financial literacy initiative aimed at teaching every teenage student in the city of Detroit how to manage money and create wealth.

The JA Financial Freedom Project, sponsored by GM Financial, will be offered no cost to all 8,000 Detroit teens through the city’s charter, private, and public schools.

Inspire Independence

Imagine a generation armed with knowledge to budget, save and invest; a generation of passionate students who are equipped to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.