Training & Workshops

I’m Third offers a variety of training and workshops under the umbrella of character development. We believe that character is the sum total of all our habits.  If you have two positive habits and three negative habits, your character will be viewed as negative. You may do some very positive things but eventually who you are will come out. Sometimes, you can have ten positive habits and the one bad habit can cause you to be viewed negatively.

For our Younger Kids

We offer the Character Counts curriculum.  This training area is very rich and covers six core areas:

For our Older Kids

(and yes that means adults) we offer two platforms of workshops and training. Under the Character Development umbrella, our staves program is guaranteed to promote many good healthy habits that form the character that can take you places and sustain you.  Our Staves Program has six core areas:
Walking through our program is akin to learning to play chess.  Each focus area is the equivalent of learning how a chess piece moves in your life.  We have found that most people play their lives like checker games and then wonder why we come up short.  Life is a chess game and lots of people don’t even understand the pieces on the board.
Then last but not least. We also offer a Spiritual Development program. This program offers additional training that supplements the Character Development courses with a spiritual dynamic. These core life transformative areas are:
We teach you chess in the Character Development and baseball in the Spiritual Development. In the Spiritual Development, we teach you to progress around the bases. We teach you how to score runs for the greatest team of all time.

Both, our Character Development courses and our Spiritual Development courses begin with a base level testings. Our Character Development course is called Wakanda and the Spiritual Development Course is called Kingdom Come. Click below to find out more about either.